Tobacco use and oral health


There is no doubt in the fact that smoking is horrible for your overall health. It is one of the leading causes of cancer and many at times you read how it leads to addiction and early deaths. Tobacco products can also have serious consequences on your oral health also.


Smoking and oral cancer

The most serious complication of tobacco use is mouth cancer which largely results in death. 90% of the persons affected with oral cancer which is cancer affecting the lips, tongue, throat or mouth have used tobacco in some form. The risk of oral cancer is also six times higher among smokers as compared to nonsmokers. The longer you use tobacco the greater is the risk for you to get this deadly disease. The single greatest risk factor for oral cancer is tobacco which is why dentists and doctors across the world are campaigning against smoking.


Smoking and Periodontal disease

Smoking and tobacco usage does not cause dental decay but can cause gum disease. Bone loss which is a part of periodontal disease can also start with the inflammation of gums leading to the deterioration of the bone supporting the roots of the teeth. A study has concluded that 50 % of periodontal disease have been associated with smoking.

Smoking can lead to many dental problems also which includes the following:

  •         Bad breath
  •         Tooth discoloration or stained teeth
  •         Increase build up plaque and tartar on the teeth
  •         Loss of bone within the jaw
  •         Increased risk of developing gum disease
  •         Delayed healing processes after dental procedures such as tooth extractions
  •         Lower success rate of dental implants

Protecting your oral Health

In order to protect your oral health you need to follow the three important principles.

  1.       Quit smoking: Once you quit smoking, your risk of oral health decreases significantly.
  2.       Get regular dental checkups: early diagnosis of cancer can start the treatment early increasing the survival chances. A regular visit to the dentist can keep a check on any irregularities or emerging problems before they become dangerous.
  3.    Brush properly: For a good oral health, following the basics is important. Brush your teeth properly and floss them in order to stay away from periodontal diseases.

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