How Oral Hygiene Affects the Rest of Your Body


Do you know your oral hygiene has an impact throughout your body? It is a fact that brushing your teeth, visiting the dentists keeps the gums healthy but it is also important for your overall health. In numerous cases oral problems could be the symptoms of other diseases or emerging problems in the body. Research has linked gum diseases to many different types of diseases such as heart disease, premature birth or arthritis.

So it is established that the common notion of oral health being localized to the mouth is false. Oral health extends to the entire body and has far reaching effects. Many serious complications in the overall health have been observed due to poor oral health. The truth is that if you fall short in taking care of your teeth, you could face many other serious problems than just simple toothache or stained teeth. Here are some complications that may arise if your dental health is compromised.

Cardiovascular disease:

In simple terms, it means heart disease. It is usually resulted from the entrance of bacteria from the inflamed gums or periodontal disease, into the bloodstream to the heart. Atherosclerosis can cause plaque to develop onto the inner walls of the arteries which may thicken over time and result in a heart attack.



The bacteria from gingivitis may also enter the brain through nerve channels or bloodstream. This condition might worsen to Alzheimer’s disease.


Respiratory infections:

Breathing in bacteria from the infected teeth or gums for over a long period may end up into respiratory infections for example pneumonia.


Diabetic complications:

Periodontal disease can make control of blood sugar level hard, making the symptoms of diabetes to worsen. It is also known that diabetes sufferers are more prone to periodontal disease which is why proper dental care is crucial for diabetics.

So you can see how poor dental health can cause so many problems to your overall health. Other factors that may be affected with poor dental health are immune system disorders, weak bones and problems with pregnancy.


Establishing good hygiene habits is crucial to the overall health

Encourage your family to practice proper oral care routine by brushing after every meal and flossing properly. Regular dental visits are also very important as sometimes you need professional dental cleaning from a dental hygienist.  Good dental habits kill bacteria in the mouth and make regular cleaning can trot cavities and prevent not just oral health issues but also overall complications in the body.

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