The following is an in-depth report on what causes skin wrinkles, how to prevent it and the treatment.
Wrinkles, in layman term, are the creases and lines that are formed in the skin. Some wrinkles can become crevices or furrows and are extremely notable around most of the face such as neck, eyes and mouth.
There are a number of factors that cause wrinkles. Mostly it is a combination of factors; some of which one cannot control. Following are some of the major contributors to causing wrinkles:
Age – As one becomes older, skin becomes very fragile and less elastic. The production of oils in the skin is reduced which dries up the skin and wrinkles become more prominent. Fats under skin are diminished, skin becomes saggy and lines become more pronounced.
Exposure to UV light – Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays, expedites the aging process of a person that can cause early wrinkles. The two types of UV rays that damage skin is UVA and UVB.UV rays break down the connective tissue in the skin; collagen and elastin fibers which lie in deeper layers of skin. This results in skin losing its strength and flexibility and premature wrinkles are formed.
Smoking – Smoking affects the blood supply to the skin and by doing so, speeds up the aging process.
Repeated facial expressions – Repeated facial expressions such as squinting and smiling, causes grooves to be formed in the skin. With age, the skin loses its ability to spring back and those grooves take the form of wrinkles.
Air pollution – Ozone is a pollutant that reduces vitamin E level in the body. Vitamin E is an important antioxidant that prevents the free radicals from causing mutation in the skin cells.
Prevention includes limiting unnecessary exposure to the sunlight as well as adopting a healthy lifestyle that includes a healthy diet and regular exercise.

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