Teeth Whitening

Teeth can become yellowish or brown in colour because of various food items, drinks, smoking and some medications. Teeth whitening is a procedure that is effective in restoring the natural colour of teeth – it also helps in lightening the colour of stained teeth.

There are a number of methods available to perform teeth whitening procedure. Brushing teeth white whitening toothpastes, bleaching strips, bleaching pen, teeth whitening gel and laser bleaching are some of the methods which assist in teeth whitening.

In the past, teeth whitening was a costly procedure, facility of which was only attainable for the rich. However, development in dental technology has made this treatment affordable for a larger portion of the population. In a short time span, it has earned itself the title of being the most popular procedure of cosmetic dentistry.

Here is a list of benefits provided by the teeth whitening procedure:


  1.     How people appear on the outward has a prominent impact on how they feel about themselves. People who are attractive tend to have a healthy self-esteem. Therefore, teeth whitening helps in developing and improving their self-confidence.
  1.     Teeth whitening procedure enhances the attractiveness of individuals. People with whiter teeth automatically appear more appealing in comparison to those having stained, brown teeth.
  1.     Appearance of any individual has become an important factor in the recent days. Nowadays, while recruiting individuals, companies take into account the grooming and overall look of a person. Teeth whitening helps in proving the smile of a person, which leaves a lasting impression on others. Thus, a brighter smile can help you stand out amongst other individuals at any job interview. 
  1.     Because of the development in the field of dentistry, teeth whitening procedure no longer requires large sums to be spent on. In fact, it has become quite affordable for a common person, and is probably one of the least costly cosmetic procedure.  
  2. Whiter teeth brightens the smile, which makes the facial wrinkles less visible. A shining smile outshines facial    wrinkles, which can make people look younger and more vibrant.
  1.     Whitening procedure are non-invasive and do not cause pain ( some techniques might cause little discomfort). It is not used to cure any teeth disorder. Instead, it just removes any stains from them to make them whiter in color.


So, do you intend to leave a good impression at an important job interview? Do you want to look your best at an upcoming event? Then contact our clinic now to avail our professional teeth whitening services. At Highgate Dental Centre, we have a proficient team that performs a safe, effectual and reasonable teeth whitening procedure, which will bring back your perfectly white smile.


teeth whitening

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