Different Type of Dental Braces


Problems like crooked teeth, overbites and misalignment are quite common. In fact, a large percentage of the population has suffered these problems at one point or another. If they aren’t timely treated, they can result in tooth decay, headaches, earaches and other gum diseases. Dental braces are orthodontic appliances (removable or fixed) which are utilised in order to treat defects like, crooked and misalignment teeth.

Dental braces are made up of a set of components, each of which has its own distinct role.

Orthodontic bands: These are cemented to the teeth, and function as a base for the brackets. They are either stainless steel, clear or tooth coloured materials. However, they are widely preferred, despite them being comparatively costly.

Brackets: These are small square shaped structures which are attached either directly to the teeth or to the orthodontic bands. They function as a support system for the wires that are mainly responsible for the movement of the teeth. They can be cemented to the back of the teeth, rather than the front, in order to conceal them from the sight. They are available in ceramic or plastic, and are stainless steel or tooth-coloured.

Spacers: These are separators which are located between the teeth in order to create minute spaces where the orthodontic bands can be place afterwards.

Arch wires: These are attached to the square like brackets. They work as a guide for the movement of the defected teeth, back to their original position.


Due to the advancement in technology, numerous types of dental braces have been invented. The wide range of dental braces available, gives patients sufficient options to choose from. Following are some of the options available.

Stainless metal braces: These are appropriate for individuals who aren’t allergic to metal. Their economic value and stern nature has earned them their popularity.

Ceramic braces: They comprise of complex components made up of high quality glass, which is why they are relatively expensive. These are quite sturdy and can resist majority of the stains, besides those caused by smoking, curry or caffeine.

Traditional silver braces: These are the most extensively used braces. They endorse latest bracket designs and ensure efficient tooth movement. They can also be decorated using various colour patterns if desired by the patient.

Invisible braces: These types of braces are gaining popularity. They comprise of custom made treatment trays that are positioned on the jaw’s structure by means of a computer. They are placed on the front side of the teeth and are indistinguishable. They are impervious to stains and are easily removable.

Lingual braces: They are traditional metal braces which are placed on the backside of the teeth. Their unnoticeable trait has earned them their popularity.

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